Podcast: Episode 100 – Nickypedia

On this week’s podcast Cammy, Iain and Sandy look back at Scotland’s victory over Italy in Rome. We also look back at the weekend’s Pro 14 action as well as recent contract signings at both Edinburgh and Glasgow Warriors.

Sandy recounts the time Will Carling was abused in an airport by some serving police officers, Cammy does his best Andy Farrell impression and Iain lets us in on a wee rumour.

We also exclusively reveal the mastermind(s) behind Nick Haining’s Wikipedia amendments that led a leading national newspaper to report that he was once a successful ballet dancer.

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4 comments on “Podcast: Episode 100 – Nickypedia

  1. WayHay on

    I have persisted with the podcast but just can’t anymore, the woeful jingles and awful songs aside when they occur, listening to you lot complain about cancelled sport and whine about Coronavirus just being the flu was painful and pretty embarrassing. FYI it 100x more deadly than the flu with about 1% mortality rate. It’s pretty high.

    • Cammy Black on

      Hi WayHay. Thank you for the feedback. It’s always been our aim to take a slightly irreverent look at things in the podcast. An actual doctor has pulled me up on the coronavirus thing but we’re not really aiming to be the go to information source for pandemics. I know the jingles and songs aren’t for everyone but we get positive feedback from people who do enjoy them. Ultimately we’re trying to do something a little different to all the other rugby podcasts out there. It’s not for everyone but there’s so much on offer hopefully you’ll be able to find one more up your street. Thanks for persevering with us so far.

  2. 1.8T on

    Well done on the 100 episodes guys, entertaining as ever, the Nickypedia jape is outstanding banter!

    Interesting points on the behaviour of players around the referee, John Barclay obviously agrees given his recent article. I agree, as I think pretty much everyone does, that it’s not something we want to see in the game. However, we on this forum are often critical of Scotland player for not being streetwise enough I.e. basically not playing dirty. So I will say, I don’t want to see it at all but if others do it and get away with it then we 100% should too, moral high ground doesn’t win games #rugbyvalues.

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