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Podcast: Episode 88 – Hard Border Of The Heart


Cammy is back to wrestle control of the podcast from John’s grip. Cammy, John and Iain look back at the World Cup, review Edinburgh and Glasgow’s latest outings in the Pro 14 and celebrate the rise of young Scottish referees. We also look at the Saracens salary cap case and come up with alternative jobs for some rugby players.

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32 Responses

  1. I always enjoy the podcast when the tree of you get together, well chaired cammy. I enjoyed the reflection on the RWC . We often criticize Scotland as we are not capable of delivering a plan B. My reflection of this RWC is that we are no longer alone .

    Ireland had a meltdown against NZL. Wales had no plan B against RSA. NZL had no alternative game against England and in the Final some say England never showed up , but they just had no plan B . Even after half time they went on to play the 2nd half on an already failing game plan, IMO.

    It appeared we had cracked that one in the Calcutta cup , but Toonie confirmed the 2nd half was the game plan executed properly. I think we did show improvement in the 2nd half against Japan, but too late. If we can develop the confidence and agility to turn it around when it is not working, we will be right back where we should be IMO.

  2. Halfway through podcast guys. Good banter so far. Glad to see the Guidance teacher doing his “Talk” of “You’ve let your school down, you’ve let me down and most importantly you’ve let yourself down” in front of the whole class to get the full affect. You may need to get the counselling sessions doubled up for the next 4 years though.

  3. In terms of New Zealand dominance I think we were very close to the same old story of the last 12 years. As much as I’m not a fan I think England were the only team that could have beaten New Zealand in this World Cup. Yet England as half proved I think would have lost the final to either of the other two they could have faced in the final. Some teams line up better against some others and England managed to work out how they could beat New Zealand. I don’t think we can allow one bad performance in a semi, to let us completely say that New Zealand aren’t generally the best team and better oiled machine than all the others. I’m actually delighted All Blacks were beaten and even more delighted England didn’t go on to win. It gives others hope. However in saying that no doubt teams are much closer in the top ten than ever before and it is great to see genuine contenders and more teams that can get to the second phase without it being a major shock. All good for the package.

    Just need less of the World Rugby Committee throwing tantrums from the balcony at the side of The Muppet Christmas Show and we’re good to go.

    1. All of the top 12 now would be worthy opponents in a quarter final, but the drop-off is marked in the mid teens. WR need to look at their structure…in particular the seedings and the 5 team pools. Italy, for example had no chance of 2nd in their pool but could feasibly have had a crack at Ireland, France or Australia.

      I think 4 pools of 4 (3 games round robin), with a “round of 16” interpool knockout match would make for a more compelling cup. With seeding done 1 year prior, not mid-cycle.

      1. Problem with 4 pools of 4 is everyone half decent goes to the knock out stages. There is no jeopardy in the groups so it is a waste of time. At least in this format 3 tier one sides (Scotland, Argentina and Italy) didn’t make it to the QFs and one rising tier 2 also failed. So some point to it.

      2. For me, the point of 5 team pools is giving teams like Russia, Uruguay a shot.

        That last pool round though is full of dead-rubbers. With 4×4 you could have a knockout round of 16 instead….every game matters.

        Anyway, we know the status quo is safe with WR at the helm

      3. Hmm can’t delete my post which is gibberish *sigh*

        Think current format is ok. Groups have some meaningful knock out games but enough teams for minnows to take part and have chance winning some games.

      4. 5 team pools is OK. Provides valuable experience for the tier 2 teams, and as someone else has already said; is a shop window for their talented players. Some of the Russian lads will have improved their career prospects; for example. RWC is becoming the testing ground for the development of the game: 6N and Lions tours becoming increasingly irrelevent.

  4. on a random point – anyone know when the 6N tickets will be available for SRU supporters members? itching to get my hands on the tickets :)

      1. Seems weird that they don’t want the cash in Bank early like other unions who have already had their games on sale (and mostly sold out) already. Could be earning some interest in the bank

  5. Sru , just emailed me , saying tickets will go on sale to the supporters club members Tuesday , with excess being made available to me ( as a debenture holder ) on Wednesday 13th , max of 2

    Hope that helps , they will apparently mail me on Tuesday if there is availability

    Best of luck

  6. EDINBURGH TEAM FOR DRAGONS in 5 minutes in Edinburgh:

    Kinghorn; Sau, Bennett, Scott, van der Merwe; Hickey, Pyrgos (C); Schoeman, Willemse, Ceccarelli; Carmichael, Toolis; Barclay, Crosbie; Bradbury
    (Fenton, Sutherland, Berghan, Gilchrist, Ritchie, Shiel, van der Walt, Taylor)

    Strong outfit! Bhatti dropped for Sutherland is a big call but probably justified based on last week’s showing. It’d be better if this turned about to be rotation – one of Cockerill’s weakest points last season. Berghan, Gilchrist and Ritchie all returning from the RWC which is why they’re not starting; Graham, McInally and Nel are the only players yet to be seen. (McInally and Nel have been given time off; guessing we might see Darcy out on the field again soon unless he’s carrying a knock).

    The Dragons side Embra face features Wales internationals Richard Hibbard (remember him?), Leon Brown, Rhodri Williams and Sam Davies. Tyler Morgan is another international, but he’s benched in favour of Adam Warren, who earns his 100th cap at #13.

    Glasgow Warriors’ side for Zebre in Parma:

    Seymour; Tagive, Steyn, Johnson, van der Merwe; Hastings, Horne; Kebble, Brown, Fagerson; Swinson, Cummings; Wilson (C), Fusaro; Fagerson
    (Turner, Allan, Rae, McDonald, Gordon, Frisby, Jackson, H Jones)

    Lots of internationals back. Interesting to see Tagive get a start in the backline over Jones with Steyn able to play on the wing.

    The Zebre side these guys are facing includes Italy internationals Mattia Bellini, Carlo Canna, Andrea Lovotti, Luca Bigi, Giovanni Licata and Dave Sisi; more internationals line the bench in the form of Giosuè Zilocchi, Renato Giammarioli, Marcello Violi and Tommasi Boni. Starting tighthead Alexandru Țăruș is a Romanian international.

    1. A decent win at a brass monkeys Murrayfield on Friday night. Pretty turgid game tbh. Edinburgh clearly the stronger up front. So much so that it was strange so often to see them basically call a halt after three or four recycles and prepare for the inevitable Pyrgos box kick that went too far, putting little pressure on a Dragons catcher. This pack does have the power to ‘do an Ireland’ and go through more phases to suck in defenders, so why don’t they?
      Toolis strong in the line out, and Matt Scott is looking as good as he was in that famous win in Sydney in June 17.
      I’ve not been a fan of Pyrgos in recent years (at Test level anyway) but he does have a slick and accurate pass when Edinburgh do send it wide.
      Good also that over 7k turned up on a freezing Edinburgh night to support the club.

  7. Glasgow doing alright in italy. Hastings dead erratic, Horne good again. Cummings arms look very thin for a lock, I thought it was Mr Tickle trotting off there. May be a concern for Toony.

    1. Is this his wrists being too thin again ? He looked like he needed a bit of aggression about him, no shortage in that whiskery old dog swinson though .He softens a few ribs.

      1. Hunter-Hill, Sam Skinner and Alex Craig are the best bets for serious looking guns.

        At the moment Bradbury is carrying Scotland in this regard. Cummings does indeed have thin arms for a big lad and could do with adding inches and intimidation.

  8. Scotland Sevens squad for the World Rugby Sevens Series in Dubai:

    Robbie Fergusson, Jamie Farndale, Ally Miller, Max McFarland, Tom Brown, Alex Coombes, Nyle Godsmark, Harvey Elms, Sam Pecqueur, Ross McCann, Kyle Rowe, Scott Bickerstaff, Femi Sofolarin

    Glenn Bryce is staying with Glasgow Warriors.

    Warriors have released Tevita Tameilau.

    1. To echo what Rory has said it was my intention to report more on Super 6 but unfortunately too many of the games coincide with Edinburgh which is my main focus, along with growing commitments that has derailed that intention.

  9. Sorry. I should have realised that a spoof article re Lions selection took precedence over the biggest thing to happen to Scottish club rugby since the formation of the preofessional teams.

    1. We also have the issue that some of our writers are tapped up to write on Super 6 for other sites or publications who have budgets, so our resources may be stretched in one direction or the other as it is dependent on folk giving up their time to fill in the gaps. If you want comprehensive coverage of every game, your best bet is to check out the excellent who are able to cover all levels of the Scottish game in depth. The allocation of the Super 6 franchises hasn’t been helpful in this regard as Sandy is the sole member of the team handy for the Edinburgh area – the rest of us are widely spread. If you (or anyone else) would like to submit match reports to keep everyone else up to date on what has happened that wasn’t on TV, that would be most welcomed by the readers I think.

  10. Boroughmuir Bears v Stirling game on Friday kicked off Super 6 with a crowd of 1500+ attending despite Edinburgh being at home same night & time, (administrators please take note this is not the way to build support).
    Stirling forwards, boosted by Warriors Nicol & Ashe were dominant but thanks largely to 2 Jordan Edwards breakaway tries it wasn’t until late in 2nd half when Stirling took a 27-24 lead. There was still time for a series of close in attacks by the Bears that came to an abrupt end with an inexplicable chip through allowing Stirling to escape.
    In general as a first game this was encouraging with the standard and physicality looking a step up from last year’s Prem. If crowd sizes and atmosphere can be maintained them I’m reasonably optimistic, (the crowd on Friday was boosted by a number of cut price offers). Lastly I hope that the involvement of Pro players who are not in their teams squads or injured, will be a feature although why Boroughmuir are Glasgow Warriors affiliated beats me!

    1. I was also at the Muir match and it was an excellent night. Great atmosphere and busy even on a very cold night.

      I thought the physicality was a notch up from Prem 1 – but the skill level was poor. Little creativity from either side.

      With regards to the pro team players players – theoretically they should have less of an impact as they are playing against S6 players – but Ashe and Nicol made a massive difference for County.

      A decent start – but please sort out the scheduling. I know they are trying not to compete with clubs but spreading the games over 3 days is daft – as is competing with the Embra game.

      Fans dont want to watch rugby on Sunday afternoons and there is no reason to play S6 games then.

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