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Podcast: Episode 72 – Hasta La Vista Hoggy


In the last podcast of the season Cammy, John and Iain look back at Glasgow’s season. We chat about the recent rebrand, squad depth and compare the season to movie sequels.

This is the last podcast of the season. We will be back with some summer specials before resuming the regular podcasts just before the World Cup Warm up games. Keep an eye on the blog and your podcast apps for new episodes.

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31 Responses

  1. Guys, was really looking forward to this episode but the sound quality ruins it. Can you re-record?

    1. Hi Scottie. Thanks for feedback. The problem appears to be with Skype. I’ve done what I can to sort it but logistically arranging another recording isn’t that easy as I’m tied up with other things over the next few weeks. I’m going to use the summer to look at our set up and sort out some new equipment for the lads which should help. It’s difficult recording in different places. Genuinely sorry to let you down on this occasion but rest assured we’re constantly trying to get better

      1. I would suggest looking at Discord as an alternative to Skype. Not without its own issues but on balance I find it a lot more stable audio and connection wise.

      2. Why not see if you can crowd-fund some new kit from the site? I easily get enough enjoyment from the forum and podcast during the season to put in a few quid…. Maybe others would too?

      3. I agree Borderbadger – the sound quality is always an issue for me – not just because I am an auld bas.

      4. A generous offer, but I’m pretty sure the limited revenue from ads is plowed back into equipment already, I think this is only the 2nd or 3rd pod with Cammy’s new mixer setup so it could take a few attempts to find the right balance as it did when we first started out and new headsets/mics etc are being rolled out. As we’re a geographically diverse bunch, it’s still likely to come down to internet connection in the end…

      5. Thanks for feedback and generous offers to help. The little we get from ads is going back into the pod and as Rory says new equipment is going to take a bit of adjustment. It’s not all financial. There’s a time element too. For best recording I’d get everyone to record their side of the conversation but that’d take me best part of a day to stitch together and engineer. Most of the time it’s a case of balancing best sound quality vs being able to turn the podcast around before it loses relevancy. I’ll take a look at Discord. Hopefully you’ll all notice a difference in new season.

  2. I would say Glasgow are probably one of the top 5 teams in Europe, arguably top 4, we have been very unlucky to be up against Saracens at every QF we have reached.

    Leinster & Saracens are in there own league, i would say we are in the mix for that third spot with Clermont, Tolouse & Racing.

    1. Leinster are not the force they were 2017/18 – teams have worked out how to beat or at least compete with them now.

      1. I’d like to think they are, because we beat them these days.

        Let’s not forget the thrashing they dished out to Glasgow in 2016 when they were angry at the death of Foley .

        Let’s not forget the humiliation pre , during and post the match.

        Munster should always be out to the sword by Glasgow.

    2. Clearly top 8 but top 5 is pushing it. Add Exeter to the list you quoted. In the European context they are more Gloucester level this season than Exeter (much more established than Gloucester who’ve had 1 good season)

    3. GW – good luck arguing Glasgow are top 4 in Europe having never made a European semi-final 😂

      Munster have been to three consecutive semi-finals and should be included in the top 4, even if they generally flop in the Pro14.

      1. GW – the first time we were beat by sarries in the QF Munster beat us TWICE in the group stages to get a home QF.

        Munster have a far better record in Europe than we do, arguing that white is black is just a bit pointless.

        The reason we’ve been drawn against saracens both times we’ve qualified is because we’ve scraped through the group stages, it isn’t bad luck.

      2. FF on ‘current form’ which European teams do you think would be favourites against Glasgow, i certainly wouldn’t have Munster in that mix, I would say Leinster & Saracens Yes. Tolouse, Clermont, Exeter are probably in the mix also. Glasgow are clearly a better team then Munster though, If they were to play each other 10 times in a neutral venue Glasgow would win 7/8

      3. Munster consistently progress in Europe because they are a very good tournament team and consistently do what they need to do to progress (within limits, they have lost those 3 consecutive SFs after all). Things like big match nous, and knockout game management are really intangible. But they count. The only objective way to look at which teams are the best in Europe is to look at their record in Europe. And Munster’s is much better than glasgow’s, no matter how many excuses are wheeled out. Your arguments are incredibly one-eyed and subjective. Glasgow played Munster twice this year and won once and lost once. Thinking glasgow are far superior than a team whose European record dwarfs theirs is just wishful thinking I’m afraid.

        I’d say as Scottish fans are so desperate for success and recognition we routinely over rate our players and teams. Glasgow are a very good side who play incredible attacking rugby. They are in no way a leading European team (hopefully, yet).

      4. FF, Say Glasgow were to play Munster home & away next week who would you back to win ?, ‘Currently’ i reckon Glasgow would win overall with an aggregate of around 15 to 25 points, They are on blistering form atm.

        I take nothing away from Munster who have improved a lot this year but Glasgow would blow them out the god damn water.

      5. GW, I feel like you don’t really get the point. You are basing Glasgow being a better European team than munster on an imaginary match in your head. Back in the real world, the only thing that matters is results. Munster’s European record is consistently better than ours and it is absurd to claim we are among the top 4 European teams until we actually do better than scrape through the group stages as a runner-up then get hammered in a QF.

      6. So as i have said before but you fail to acknowledge, this Glasgow side are a better team than Munster purely based on this season.

        We came up against Saracens, Munster came up against them in the semis & got there asses handed to them also.

        If the teams were in the others pools then Glasgow would have reached the Semis beating Edinburgh, & Munster would have lost 3 times to Saracens. Fact.

        Are we forgetting that Glasgow reached the Pro14 final & Munster did not ?

        I don’t acknowledge previous seasons accomplishments making a team superior to a current in form team.

        I may be mistaken about the 1-1 head to head between Munster & Glasgow this season but wasn’t the away match to Munster with a 2nd string side & we pushed them to the limit ?

        whereas i recall as home when both sides first team was out we bullied them & got a comfortable win.

      7. Munster had a better scoreline against Saracens in their SF compared to our QF. We also had three goes at beating them and failed every time. They also won an away QF, whilst glasgow lost to edinburgh at Murrayfield. They also lost in their pro-14 SF in an away game to the same team that beat Glasgow in the final – in Glasgow.

        You also seem to misunderstand the difference between a counter-factual (if) and an actual fact.

        Not really much more to say. I want Glasgow to fulfil their promise but until they do, this is so much hot air.

      8. No kidding, that is a brutal pool. Don’t think a team as limited as Munster can deal with Racing 92. I could actually see that being the pool from which only the winner makes it to the knock-out rounds.

  3. Quality listen as always, fellas, right up until the end. Then there’s all this nonsense about the Tower of London. I don’t listen to the Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast to hear people banging on about what happens south of Watford. Harrumph.

  4. Thanks for another season of entertainment, my highlight has definitely been the crossover episodes. Rugby podcast version of either DC or Marvel Universe. Probably DC due to the rise of Old Glory.

    1. It’s only because Scotland #1 is in with Ireland #2 and #3 (on points). I would have thought they’d take into account the play-offs, and also last year’s results, even if they weighted them so this year’s results were more important. But this was obviously all agreed beforehand, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone involved.
      Glasgow only really have Leinster and Ulster to (seriously) worry about in their conference; I think Edinburgh have a much more competitive conference.

      1. Well that is the heart of it, Ireland #2 are the two-time defending champions and European cup finalists. Ireland #1 should obviously not be Munster.

        Edinburgh’s group is more competitive for Edinburgh because they are mediocre. Munster will breeze through it unless Scarlets have a major revival.

      2. I agree with you there FF but if this was what was agreed at the start (presumably they thought that the two conference winners would most likely be the highest overall points scorers too which is a little short sighted) then they cannot go moving the goalposts because it hasn’t worked out the way people thought. At least if Glasgow finish second in the conference they still won’t have to play Leinster in the semi!

        It looks similar to the last setup in that conference A you can pretty much already predict the finishing order but conference B will be far more competitive. I would also expect Munster to finish 1st with the 2nd – 5th positions all being very closely fought.

  5. I agree that Edinburgh’s scrappier looking conference will be more of a challenge because they are still struggling and have not consistently stepped up to the likes of Benetton, Cardiff, Scarlets and Connacht. You would expect Glasgow to do fairly well in either group. The consolidated table over on TOL is fairly damning for Edinburgh. It’s hard to say whether 10th out of 14 is top of the strugglers, or bottom of the mediocre. Either way, not good. Hopefully much better to come.

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