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Podcast: Episode 69 – King Of Kelso


This week Cammy is joined by our Edinburgh correspondant Sandy Smith to look back at the career of Scotland’s most capped player, Ross William Ford. The guys dig deep and uncover Commonwealth Games success (sort of), missed opportunities as well as a lost generation of Scotland players who could have been contenders.

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25 Responses

  1. I think it would be an appropriate send off if Ford delivers the match day ball for first home game of Six Nations, the way it happened at Edinburgh was abysmal.

    1. Agreed. I’ve never understood the apathy and antipathy that Fordy has received.

      1. The guys a legend. He should be recognised by some sort of presentation in front of the crowd pre World Cup Games. Forget if he’s a shy guy I and probably the other 60,000 at Murrayfield want to give him a massive cheer. I’d have no problem him being the unselected forward or the man to step into the breach if something happens to one of the hookers.

  2. Huge Fordy fan, immense contribution for Edinburgh and Scotland in particular. For me some of his best was the unit he formed with Dicko and Nel (circa 2015) before injuries got in the way. They smashed everybody to the extent that some refs actually started to get it into their heads that we might have the dominant scrum before taking to the pitch. We’d win actual scrum penalties consistently, heady times indeed!

  3. Thoughts on if Scott Johnson was a better coach for Scotland than Robinson ?

    Personally i think he was the guy who took the first steps to taking us out the dark ages of Scottish rugby & begin building an attractive play style

    I think this showed with Ford also playing with more confidence & having slightly improved competition pushing him on.

  4. Listened to the podcast last night. Fitting tribute to a great servant of the Scottish game, with some very interesting snippets about his early career.

    Thanks Cammy, Sandy, and of course, Ross.

  5. Great tribute. I was praying Glasgow got through just so we could have Dougie Donnelly hosting the Podcast. I think it’s great news and delighted you were able to work out terms with the legend!!!!

  6. A few thoughts:

    1) After Rambo, Brown, Turner and Stewart there’s Cherry and Kerr, then Ford, so that’s slightly less likely – but I reckon Fordy could still do a job.
    2) A couple more Scotland hookers (both a bit later): Steven Lawrie and Kevin Bryce.
    3) The Scotland lost XV: R Lamont; T Evans, A Henderson, S Lamont; C Paterson, M Blair; A Jacobsen, R Ford, E Murray; J Hamilton, N Hines; J White (c), A Hogg; S Taylor
    (S Lawson, G Kerr, C Smith, S MacLeod, J Beattie, C Cusiter, P Godman, S Webster)

    1. Realised I’m short of an outside centre – pop Webster on in the wing and move S Lamont to 13. Walker can be the benched wing.

      Another change: when we want to replace a lock, Jason White can play there – so Ross Rennie comes onto the bench. Godman is picked over Parks so that we can cover 12 and have an axis option with a second playmaker if we need to.

  7. Still not had a chance to listen to this one unfortunately, but hands in the ruck for the next: Leo Cullen trying to stir the Old Firm/sectarianism pot and get Celtic supporters to support Leinster in the final.

    1. “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!”

      Well.. here it is:

      Some quotes lifted from an Irish forum, the reputation of Glasgow fans is now reducing the number who will travel to watch matches in Glasgow.

      “Glasgow fans are in general arseholes. I was surrounded by them when the pro12 final was at Kingspan a few years back and they were by far the worst i’ve came across, I don’t think you could pay me to go on an away trip to Glasgow. Was with the Leinster fans in Aviva in the QF and they were a far cry from the Glasgow fans”

      “Friday was made worse by having the biggest plum of a Glasgow fan behind us. all teams have a limited number of asshole followers and unfortunately one of Glasgows was right behind me. Others around were good craic mind you”

      I don’t know if the SRU gives a fig of how an increasing number of visiting fans view coming here, probably cheaper to keep on playing in small stadiums than expand to seat more visiting fans etc. I saw somebody was going to take a daughter to watch Glasgow for the final, beginning to wonder about that.

      1. Do you go to Scotstoun David, can you point to it on a map other than saying it is in “The West”.

        The support at Scotstoun is enthusiastic and supports Glasgow. What is wrong with that?? There is no abuse of other team’s players, save the occasional boo for a perceived injustice on the big screen.

        Rory Best got a standing ovation as he left the field – where’s you “Irish forum” quotes on that?

        I would also say to those that compare Scotstoun to a football crowd – why don’t you go to a Hearts, Hibs, Rangers or Celtic game and then compare. You might then see what Scotstoun is – a safe and pleasant environment to watch sport with some “atmosphere”. I know that is tricky for some posters to understand.

        To say taking a child to Celtic Park to watch the final is beyond ludicrous.

        Give it a go, you might even enjoy watching with the vociferous support!

      2. Yeah, some numpties out there, difference is ours are in the crowd, not the coaching box.

        Irish (eir sport I think) commentary I got for the Leinster/Munster game was also pretty revealing…I paraphrase

        “Nice to see our provinces making up the top four, its all us”

      3. Load of Ballymahoosh.

        Are you serious, even reading a post from anyone who calls his hosts ‘arseholes’ in a rant about courtesy extended to visting fans.

        How about this :Galway, The Sportsground, visiting team coaches are in a drafty wrinkly tin hut and the Connaught fans batter the hut all match. That is what passes for courtesy in the west of Ireland.

      4. The verse you quote is from ‘to a louse’ I think the opening two lines of that poem are ss good a response as any ,to the unsolicited views of well beaten, Irish fans. (Worth a google )

  8. Hands in the ruck for this week – people ruining the chat on the blog with unnecessary arguments and abuse rather than good natured discussion and disagreements. It makes me – and I’m sure others – less likely to leave comments in the future.

    Also, people using multiple user names for a variety of reasons is extremely childish and is only going to end up making more official logins a requirement (which I am not against at this point).

    Anyway – looking forward to hopefully catching the final on Saturday (having spinal surgery on Friday so not sure if I will be home or if I will be able to watch it through the app in the hospital!). Glasgow have got to be favourites based on the semi’s, but I’m sure it won’t be easy.

    1. I agree Fraser, as the victim of name impersonation on this blog for a number of months it has certainly damaged my credibility and its not fun, i would be completely in favour of official accounts so people are more accountable for there actions.

  9. Here’s a wee question that your Lost XV thinking brought on: who’d be in Edinburgh and Glasgow’s best XVs since 1996?

    I’d say this would be Edinburgh’s:
    Kinghorn; Graham, Webster, Laney, Visser; Paterson, Blair (el capitano); Dickinson, McInally, Nel; Blackadder, Murray; Mata, Watson; Taylor
    (Ford, Jacobsen, Berghan, Gilchrist, Barclay/Grant/Rennie, Laidlaw, Scott, Hoyland)

  10. Given this always seems to be a problem -incl last World Cup match – stunned to hear McInally said he’d never had lineout throwing training until Cockerill arrived at Edinburgh. Get him working with all the Scotland hookers, so Brown and Turner are involved!

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