Podcast: Episode 58 – Pony Trekking with Grandma

This week on the podcast Cammy is joined by Rory and journalist Gary Heatly to look ahead to Scotland’s opening game of the Six Nations against Italy. Gary helps us preview the Women’s Six Nations and we look back at Scotland’s 5th place finish at the New Zealand Sevens. There’s some more “crap call offs” and we get our hands in the ruck over new proposals for an international tournament and celebrating subs.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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5 comments on “Podcast: Episode 58 – Pony Trekking with Grandma

  1. Andy Render on

    Subs celebrating a score if far less of a crime than:
    – sarcastic cheering of knock ons and backslaps of opposition
    – attacking ruckers flying in off their feet
    – tackled players handling the ball up to scrum half from the deck
    – human centipede box kick preparations
    – hookers stepping to their side of the lineout prior to throwing despite the assistant ref literally standing behind him
    – kickers taking a mark for a kick to touch and than blatantly walking 5 yards through it

  2. Referendum on

    Loved the outro and a bit of fun again. I thought u were maybe banned from doing this after you got advertising in. But it maybe just time constraints. It was something I used to look forward to immensely when it was a regular item. Why are they not as prevalent these days?

    Even if they are occasional please bring them back. I love the randomness and many have helped bring in the in jokes and general banter. Don’t mind the odd jingle either.

    Thanks for all the work much appreciated

    • Cammy Black on

      Thanks Referendum. We’re not banned from outros it was just a time thing in that it used to take me ages to sort it out and I don’t have as much time to do them anymore. I might stick the odd one in now and again as I quite enjoyed this weeks. The jingles will return. If I’m honest I’m just lulling everyone into a false sense of security. Just need to sort out tech so I can play them live a bit easier. Thanks for listening.

  3. Stephen Hancock on

    Controversial opinion: conceding thos tries to Italy and the manner in which it happened was the best case scenario. We’ve managed to highlight a defensive/tactical weakness just in time for Ireland similar to the Samoa/New Zealand games in 2017

    • Referendum on

      Not controversial at all. I think your spot on and in actual fact depending on what Townsend comes up with for the team announcement it could be proved to be a both a stroke of genius and helpful for players going forward.
      I despaired at the end of the game but now I think Hogg’s try being disallowed has helped us learn a valuable lesson without getting the usual spanking that it deserved.

      He took a calculated risk in putting some things in for the long term. Getting Harris on and having a decent shift and his first try can only help his confidence. Get Gary Graham tied down may prove to be something more long term. Jake Kerr got his first outing and got past losing his first line-out. He never has to experience that again and potentially in a more crucial match. That should be a long term thing too. Hastings has shown that he is probably needing to sit out for a while and get some form back for Glasgow. Strauss got a good run out. Bhatti and Berghan were not the players on the bench that were to be worried about really.

      Hoping that the bench looks much more experienced and a similar starting team with perhaps Horne and Brown back on bench should shore things up. I’m optimistic.

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