Podcast: Episode 55 – A Song For Scotland

This week on the podcast we launch our campaign to get the Scotland squad to record a song for the World Cup and we want you to get involved. Get in touch with suggestions about what song they should sing and we’ll shortlist the best four suggestions to be put forward in our petition/letter writing campaign.

This week Cammy also forces John to talk about what’s going wrong at Glasgow, what’s going right at Edinburgh and we answer some listener questions.

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We’re also looking for our listeners to get involved in the comments on this page and elsewhere on the blog:

“Hands in the ruck” – What’s had it’s hands in your ruck? Let us know in the comments and we’ll pick out the best ones.

“Absolute Bobbins” – Have you or anyone you know got a seemingly ridiculous opinion on something rugby related? Let us know and we will happily sit in judgement.

“Crap call offs” – Send us your crap reasons for teammates and players for not coming to training or calling off before a game.

“Where’s Dougie Donnelly?” – It’s now mandatory to have a rumours section in a rugby podcast (apparently) so we’re looking for yours as well as news of any Scottish sporting media personalities you’ve spotted out and about. Have you seen Dougie Vipond down Tesco? Has your uncle’s brother’s aunt’s friend heard from someone down the pub that Jonny Gray is getting a new fence put in? Has your plumber been doing some work round Murrayfield and seen Richard Cockerill taking delivery of a new yoga mat? If so then let us know.

If you want to get in touch you can e-mail us on podcast[at]scottishrugbyblog.co.uk, catch us on Twitter @ScotRugbyBlog or @CammyBlack or you can leave a comment below and we’ll pick it up there.

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12 comments on “Podcast: Episode 55 – A Song For Scotland

  1. Ńéíł on

    Please please lets not do a song… unless its Laidlaw leading it while being completely smashed after beating England in the upcoming six nations.

  2. Highland Bear on

    Cannibalising a 1978 anthem, how about ‘We’re on the march with Gregor’s army…’?

    Seriously, the last thing certain egos within the squad need is the limelight and supporters bigging them up. Far better, as with 4 years ago, to be a dangerous underdog.

    • FF on

      Even as a dangerous underdog we didn’t actually beat any teams ranked above us. The best we could do was glorious snatching defeat from jaws of victory.

      Rousing stuff but a huge missed opportunity to do something special.

    • csc on

      I remember Scotland’s 1978 football World Cup anthem – and for those of you too young to remember – the song and its performance on television by the team, was even more of an embarrassment than their subsequently inept games on the field. Firstly, the song was a typical pub dirge, Second, the live rendition was little more than a moaning, toneless grunt; sounding like someone trying to talk through a mouthful of spaghetti, with their head in a goldfish bowl. NO WORLD CUP SONG.

  3. The Rt. Hon. J. Cleveland-Steamer, C.B.E. on

    Maybe we could see if Scocha are interested, or would their involvement risk hitting a a bum note or two?

  4. Merlot on

    How about “I would fly five thousand miles…and I would fly 5000 more…” being the distance to Japan (and back)?

  5. The Fife Finn Russell on

    Got a “Where’s Dougie Donnelly?” for you guys. Met a few of the Edinburgh team in Meadowbank McDonalds around 3am on Sunday morning, replacing some calories after their heroics in Toulon. Fair play to them for chatting to a steaming student about the match and especially to Mr Kinghorn for the selfie. Can also confirm Daryl Marfo is alive and well.

      • The Fife Finn Russell on

        Haha, if only Darcy was there, think he’s the only player in the team that wouldn’t make me look a midget stood beside them. I can confirm that they didn’t sit in and that their brown paper takeaway bags were pretty bulging. From my hazy memory I think the other players present were Watson, Dean and Ritchie and can only assume the front rowers were away to KFC for a bucket each.

  6. Blake Westwood on

    My Prediction of the squad to be announced this morning;

    40 man squad




    R.Gray? (Swinson or Cummings if still unfit)

    Barclay (hopefully back by round 3)





  7. Ross on

    Spotted Pierre Schoeman shopping in Debenhams. Can’t provide any information on what he was looking for, but I can say his winter jumper game is strong.

    Spotted fully training kitted Simon Hickey on his way into Tesco just before Christmas. He was carrying a large box but I didn’t spot what was in it. Perhaps returning an appliance he had planned to gift someone? Who knows…

    Song for Scotland:
    Out of the Blue by Scottish band Prides might be appropriate (though perhaps more so when we are playing in our away kit). Added bonus of the ‘Take the lead’ lyrics providing a ready made hashtag for the SRU’s prolific marketing team to exploit.

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