Podcast: Episode 53 – Baby Snark

This week Cammy is joined by Iain and John to look back at a successful weekend for Edinburgh and Glasgow in Europe. We chat about Adam Ashe’s rise from the… we ashes, the untold secrets of Law 13 and whether Edinburgh need some more experience in the backline. We also discuss health and safety in the Scotstoun car park and which player has been caught sneaking a crafty cigarette.

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20 comments on “Podcast: Episode 53 – Baby Snark

  1. TeamCam on

    I’ve not listened yet – although I and Fake Neil look forward to doing so tomorrow during work hours – but wasn’t last week episode 52?

  2. Fraser on

    Glasgow team announced – must be expecting a fairly easy win seeing as they have dropped their 2 best players from last week from the squad….. no Ashe or G.Horne.
    Rest of the team looks decent – McDowell and Jones in the centre.

    • Rab on

      Looks like Ashe is being tested given how much he’s played over the last month but I agree it’s strange to drop Horne given how well he played last week

      • Neil on

        Seems like they are just managing there players and rotating abit, Lyon have nothing to play for so not expecting the biggest challenge.

        Everyone in that 15 starting 15 is Quality only Mcdowall and Halanukonuka have something to prove at european level.

  3. Fraser on

    Also Edinburgh side out – only 2 changes including Hamilton for Ritchie (injury).

    On a side note – Edinburgh team report calling players “internationalists” rather then just internationals. Yet another of the horrible awkward terms creeping into our vocabulary.

    • PJD on

      That is a great shame, having a duo of Brown and McInally was very useful and allowed good rotation depending on opponents.
      However, maybe it will be good for McInally to get a good run in the 1st XV, solidify his position as a leader in the squad.
      Great shame for Brown who has come through so much over the years.

  4. Hersch on

    Are any Scotland A games planned for during the 6 nations? I’d have a team of with a view of brining youth forward and a touch of experience/players working back in:



    Sutherland, Miller, McCallum, Young, Hardie, Steele, Weir, Grigg.

  5. Stu2 on

    Hersch I think the A concept is no more – the only countries that were doing it were Scotland, England and Ireland – but it’s just fizzled out.

    Shame, as I loved some of the A games when Hoggy et al were breaking through.

    Who could forget the pumping we gave England in Netherdale in 2012.

  6. Not rocket science on

    Impressed all the players renewing contracts at Glasgow: Horne and Johnson is great. Just need Rennie, Hastings, Jones to confirm. This season end could have a feel good factor. With a non-begrudging farewell to Hogg.

    • Ben F on

      Hogg signed with Exeter, then Seymour renewed and Jones has reconsidered his Leicester conundrum as I understand it. Jones is made for a top Premiership side and right now , that is not Leicester.

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