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Podcast: Episode 50 – Rowdy Roddy Fifer


This week on the podcast Cammy is joined by Rory to pick over Scotland’s loss to South Africa. We also hear post match reaction from Grieg Laidlaw, Gregor Townsend and Huw Jones and discuss Jones’s mooted move to Leicester Tigers. We get our hands in the ruck about Murrayfield toilets and come up with wrestler names for some former and current Scotland players.

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26 Responses

  1. Great podcast. Agree especially with the comments on using the line-out drive by default and not shipping it out to the backs when it’s going nowhere.

    Team is just out and it looks tasty! One grip is Russell at 12. Why not put Hastings at 12? Hastings is probably a better runner and his attributes are more in line with a creative centre. Russell for all his bad games has been the key to everything amazing Scotland have done in the last 4 years and it concerns me to take him out of the driving seat. Do you think this is just an experiment which is unlikely to be seen in the 6n or do you think this could be the way forward for Scotland? Please no Toony, it didn’t help your career!

    1. The numbers of there back wont really matter im guessing gun, expect Russell and Hastings to be switiching in and out at 10 alot.

    2. Finn has played loads of rugby at club and age grade level at 12 (some of the earliest mentions of him on here are playing 12 for the U20s outside Harry Leonard). Hastings to my knowledge has not played much at 12, would be the short answer…

  2. Would like to have seen Skinner starting ahead of Gray but thats a very strong pack.

    Can we put to bed that Ryan Wilson belongs in international rugby if we put 50-60 points of the pumas ?

    Delighted to see a certain turncoat is not selected. SEND HIM BACK.

    Would love to see Darcy and George come on early into the second half if we have a good lead, that would probaly be close to our craziest backline attacking wise.

    1. Darcy is unfortunately not selected. Would like to have seen G Horne on from the start but hopefully he gets good game time and not just a cameo appearance.

  3. A couple of corrections: Australia beat Ireland more recently than we did, and NZ have lost twice this year alone!

  4. Enjoyed the podcast thank you. Another wee point of correction. I think the replay of the miracle pass you mentioned was not Russell but Hogg if my memory serves (just before Jones lost ball in tackle and they scored from the loose ball)

    But you are right there was far too much faffing about on restarts especially when we had just got back from 7 or 10 points down and we should have just got clear and as Townsend says you have never consolidated a score till you are out your own half.

    Also agree with the analysis on the lineout. By that point in the 60th minute although we had had success I felt they were beginning to get the measure on us in that area so no harm trying it again if other tactics don’t work but make sure we aren’t choked into giving the ball back.

    We really need to heed the calls from the backs both in line-out and close to the line to go wide when it is on. As you had said with our back line with an overlap it’s almost a guarantee.

  5. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet but a nomination for hands in the ruck…. the booing of kickers at Murrayfield. I’m sure it was someones hands in the ruck before but I think it needs refreshing. I don’t like going all rugby snobbish but that kind of childish behaviour has no place in the sport. Compared to the likes of Ireland, you could hear a pin drop in the Aviva any time someone takes a kick, regardless of who it is or the circumstances surrounding said kick, that’s the way it should be. (Caveat, the only time it is allowed is if it’s a World Cup quarter final and the ref that must not be named has given the opposition a game winning penalty for no good reason, then it is entirely justified)

    On another note has the term Rustings been coined yet?

    1. The booing doesnt even put anyone off…its pointless.

      Better than that sudden shout by some numpty when Laidlaw was kicking.

    2. Unless it’s dan parks with a touchline kick to win it at the death. Then the Irish have no problem booing.

    3. I think the BTM crowd are generally of the opinion that kickers are given a reasonable time to take the kick in silence, that has certainly been my experience (not as a kicker, ha). The ones that dawdle beyond what is reasonable are the ones that get noise IMO.

    4. Plenty of booing at Irish games, Welsh games, English games, French games. I’m fine with it, I just don’t get why we’re the ones singled out for it.

  6. Don’t really want to be the one to bring it up, but Agustin Pichot is a right t*t.

    Who’d have thought that the most socially and economically isolated countries of the late 20th C would have fewer “imports” than countries who are part of unified groups of countries….

    Just cos your guys haven’t got it, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take it if they did, so shut up.

    More good motivation for Saturday, I think.

  7. Apologies for the random pedantry, but disappointed by the use of English legal terms in a Scottish Rugby blog.

    Man slaughter is not a Scottish legal term. It is culpable homocide.

    Brian Moore would be proudvof you.

    Not being a random angry man. Do enjoy the podcast

  8. Has it now become illegal just to say “Murrayfield “?
    Noticed one of you on the blog start to say it, then correct yourself to put BT in front.
    I can understand the players being told to say it, and official commentators – but I really don’t think we need to actively shoehorn it in every time.

    1. Sorry, it becomes habit. They have notices up in the press room asking you to refer to it thus in all communications. It’s a price I’m willing to pay to get writers access to games.

      1. Fair enough, I just hate this sort of American advertising taking over.
        At least it’s money coming in.

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