Podcast: Series 4 Episode 8 – Pinball Balboa

Cammy is joined by Iain and Brodie to look back at Scotland’s narrow victory over Italy, say farewell and good luck to Matt Landles of Hawick and discuss parking charges on the back pitches and Murrayfield in the late 90s. We also hear which Edinburgh player took a bus to go three stops, who was spotted eating pizza and pasta before taking a wee nap and ponder how Richard Cockerill spent his honeymoon.

You can find Ruairidh Campbell’s survey on player retention mentioned on the podcast here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LXV69HC

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12 comments on “Podcast: Series 4 Episode 8 – Pinball Balboa

  1. Richie Vernon on

    My summer squad.

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  2. Frozen North on

    Great review and wrap up guys!

    Hope you will be doing more to carry us over between now and the Autumn internationals :)

    • Cammy Black on

      There’ll be a full 6 Nations review next week. We’re recording on Monday night. After that we’re going to do monthly pods so the next one will be out the week before the 1872 Cup (I hope). We’ll go back to weekly during the Summer Tour… so long as we can find a way of watching the matches.

  3. Andy Render on

    Good work gents – looking forward to the review next time, totally agree with the Comment of the Week about Zander F who needs to look to Furlong for an example of what he can and should aspire to be by the RWC19.

    The Premiership pro-player draft is outlined here but no details of how the players were chosen/allocated – it seems Currie are assigned to Glasgow to get a 5/5 east/west split with there being 3 other Edinburgh teams and 2 borders. If Marr and Hawks go and are replaced by Edin Accies and Jed this will be even more lopsided.

  4. Ginger McGhee on

    Enjoyed it, glad to hear some honesty on Hogg’s tackle stats,and I agree , Fraser Brown is not really meeting my expectations either.

    I am also thrilled that DTH is back at Glasgow and hope he can pick up where he left off . A true warrior.

  5. Niall on

    Superb analysis on the pro-player draft, by suggesting they do exactly what they already do…

    Currie are allocated to Glasgow so there are 5 teams picking from each pro team.

  6. Pete on

    I can’t help but thinking that the Scottish Rugby Blog has modelled their podcast on the Scotland rugby team. They can go from exceptional and inspiring, to ridiculous and frankly baffling. All within a single episode.

    Always highly entertaining and good to see you don’t take yourselves too seriously. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Matto on

    Belated thanks for the shout out lads. True bathing opportunities have been sparse of late, though i have been keeping up with the mouth frothing in the comments sections. The Scotland player dreams seem to have subsided. It was probably caused by the heady mix of extreme rugby exposure during the 6N combined with a largely cheese based diet in Italia. We were on a pre-match break and don’t live in Tuscany, though we may try to retire there when the Hoggs open their bakery. Another very enjoyable blog. I got through most of it uninterrupted, but missed the points for some of the 2nd and back rows. Speaking of which, if you give 0s then 5 is in the middle of your distribution and I’d suggest that’s where your scores should start for an average performance. The tricky bit is the average relative to what? Performances of players in general at that level? Relative to the other performances on the day? In the tournament? Combination of all? Difficult.
    We (particularly the Mrs) were glad to hear the support for Horny. Agree that he fits very well with the current philosophy and complements/helps stabilise ‘the Russell effect’. Good tourny all round for him and he bettered Farrell in the CC.
    Definitely see this 6N as a success. Consolidation is actually an important part of the progress for this team and a win against England is a step forward.
    Next season we should be targeting 4 wins whilst ditching the comprehensive collapse game. Wouldn’t be surprised if we beat France away (which would be another improvement) but lose to Ireland. It’s a long way off though. Final point – we fared relatively well with injuries through the tournament, so plaudits to the medical/conditioning teams and/or the gods – if it was just luck.

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