Podcast: Series 4 Episode 7 – Swimming In A Vat Of Guinness

This week Cammy is joined by Rory and John to look back at the Ireland game. The guys also hear about Scott Johnson’s (mis)adventures in Dublin, chat about Wayne Barnes’ over-familiarity and look at the Pro14 TV deal.

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7 comments on “Podcast: Series 4 Episode 7 – Swimming In A Vat Of Guinness

  1. TeamCam on

    I watched the BT Sport coverage of the AIs over the BBC coverage as the BBC coverage is pants and the BT coverage has a very excitable Big Jim Hamilton!

  2. Matto on

    Thanks for another entertaining broadcast. Was able to listen to it the whole way through for once, as the other half and i enjoyed it together over a bottle of chianti and a selection of other local goodies in our digs in Tuscany. This was a substantial improvement as my usual attempt to listen in the bath at home, rarely gets to the end (maybe an hour max) undisturbed. It’s usually mrs Matto coming in for a chat. Upon resumption the water has inevitably gone cold. Annoyingly, she has taken to doing the same, successfully and uninterrupted, AND in a hotter and deeper bath.
    She was pleased to hear you defend Horne, as she took on his persona in a dream two nights ago, receiving varied abuse from supporters and media that made her feel very sad indeef. Last night she dreamt she was lost in a car with Finn Russell trying to give directions, but to no avail. I offered that perhaps she had once again become Peter Horne in dreamland. I don’t know who it will be tonight – though I’m secretly hoping it will be Ryan Wilson, purely for entertainment value. If you see a woman sleep-picking-a-scrap in a batman suit with a saltire cape in a medieval Tuscan town kebab shop, that will be her. She has expressed a hope that it will not be a sex dream involving Gordie Reid or Wullie Nel, which i think is very harsh.
    Back to the rugby – a few changes, but a serious team (as it should be) with a strong bench. Looking forward to it. Hoping the rain will pass by kick off and that we finish with a flourish.

    • Matto on

      As it turns out it was Hoggy, who was in Tuscany with his wife looking to buy a villa and set up a bakery. He also divulged Gregor’s tactics for the weekend, but the detail was unfortunately lost upon awakening.

      • Cammy Black on

        This could prompt at least two new features – Where do people listen to the pod and “I dream of Hoggy” stories of odd dreams about rugby players.

  3. Kevin Millar on

    I think Shug Blake will be playing both Mitre 10 for Bay of Plenty and 7s for Scotland for the next few seasons as the competitions don’t overlap. By the sounds of things the salaries for the 7s boys aren’t huge so another income stream is probably very welcome!

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