Podcast: Series 4 Episode 4 – Hip Priest

This week Cammy, Brodie and Iain look back at Scotland’s win over France and we invite the guys from the Regional Indie Disco podcast to preview the Calcutta Cup for us from an English perspective even though they know nothing about rugby.

We’re putting out two podcasts this week and our Calcutta Cup preview will be up later in the week with a look back at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s recent games and how everyone’s getting on in our Fantasy league.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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23 comments on “Podcast: Series 4 Episode 4 – Hip Priest

  1. Neil on

    Did yous really think it was a good idea to bring on 3 english morons onto the pod for about 30 minutes to insult Scotland ?

    Fking disgraceful. skipped that whole part.
    Makes me feel sick especially a week before we play them.

    The fk were yous thinking , im giving yous a 1 star for that with no comment.

    A real shame as the sound was actually good quality for once.

  2. TeamCam on

    Regarding Russell needing Laidlaw to rein him in: he seemed to do OK without Laidlaw against NZ, and he was restrained and brilliant in that match. Seems to me that it’s a tactical thing.

  3. Graham on

    Utter guff from the other podcast you had on. You need to get better creatives involved if that was a lightbulb moment that you thought would be “funny”.

  4. Brodie Smitherz on

    To be fair to Cammie this is an amateur podcast run in his spare time and out of a love of the game. Some things will work, others won’t. The idea that we have ‘creatives’ is ridiculous. I think some of these comments are way over the top.

  5. Cammy Black on

    The “English” preview of the Calcutta Cup is supposed to be a send up of the type of awful coverage Scottish rugby usually gets south of the border. Apologies if it made anyone genuinely unwell but I think a little perspective might be in order.
    There’s another podcast coming out tonight where we do our own preview of the Calcutta Cup so you might enjoy that more.

  6. BorderBadger on

    The ‘send up’ section was utter crap and the first time I haven’t listened to the podcast all the way through.

    I appreciate this was supposed to be ‘humour’ but if I wanted to listen to a bunch of ill informed English tossers discuss Scottish rugby from a position of complete ignorance there are any number of podcasts I can listen to.

    Surprised at how much time you gave to this. If you don’t have enough of your usual good quality stuff to fill the podcast then maybe just cut the pod shorter.

  7. Andrew McGavin on

    People need to lighten up. Thanks very much for all your efforts, gents. I always enjoy the podcast. Your thought behind a spoof English contribution is funny and a fair bit of what they said was actually pretty clever/funny too (for those commenters who got mad without actually listening to it); perhaps just not for everyone in this audience and too long a segment given that it didn’t actually focus on real Scottish rugby. Thanks for trying different stuff!

  8. Cammy Black on

    It was actually more a case of us having too much this week as we had to cancel last weeks podcast due to me being poorly. We had over two hours of material to get out in advance of the England game. It’s nice to hear some people enjoyed it.
    Not everyone’s going to enjoy everything we do but hopefully there’s something for everyone in most episodes.
    The next podcast is out tonight which follows our more traditional format.

    • JohnMc on

      Like Andrew McG, I did enjoy bits of your ‘guest slot’ although some passages were cringeingly near the knuckle. At around 30 minutes, it was for me more ‘endure’ than ‘enjoy’ overall but I appreciate the satirical intention.
      As to ‘head, heart and a*se’, I thought the podcast group’s views on the France match were on the money.

  9. Not rocket science on

    In other news, there’s a distinctly Man Utd flavour to this test: Hoggy is related to George Best, Ryan Wilson is Ryan Giggs’ real name and David Moyes is advising England. I’d say we have the better of it?

  10. Ross on

    I’d much rather you guys kept trying things and occasionally annoyed some folk than turned into yet another repetitive snooze-fest of a rugby podcast (…pod pod pod pod, Rugby pod!). Thanks and keep it up.

    Things seem to be boiling over generally on the comments this week. Probably explained by being days away from our biggest grudge match. Let’s just hope we can channel that passion into a noisy Murrayfield crowd. Felt quite embarrassed being so consistently out-sung by the French last week…

    • Doddie’s Trews on

      Agree re. The Murrayfield crowd. It has got better in recent seasons as the fare served on the pitch has improved, but it’s still poor in comparison to the other grounds in the 6N. Being out sung by the opposition every other home game is embarrassing frankly. The crowd dont seem to be-proactive in stirring something in the team; merely reactive to good play.

      A big part of this is a lack of a song. England-swing low; Ireland- fields of athenry; Wales-Hymns and arias, Bread of Heaven, Men of Harlech; France- Allez les Bleus, La Pena Baiona (the best of the lot!). The droning “Scotland” or flower of Scotland don’t really cut it. Chorus of Loch Lomond will do nicely.

      • Ben F on

        We do need a song and a good one at that . Perhaps we could get the real Doddie to compare a contest to get a song and leave a legacy to Scotland that will rouse us forever.

    • JohnMc on

      Yes, the noise the France fans made in the first half was impressive. We’ve got ‘Scotland, Scotland’ but they’ve got ‘Allez les bleus, allez les bleus, allez.’ At Stade de France, ‘Allez l’Ecosse etc’ is good for us, but only at SDF unfortunately.
      Sincerely hoping that all attempts at ‘Swing low…’ get overwhelmed by the home crowd this week.

      • Andrew McGavin on

        When my brother was playing for Scotland U21 against the French in Dijon, we had a replacement scrum half called Ally Blues. When the “Allez les Bleus” cry went up from the large crowd, Ally was hilarious, leaping out of the dugout and milking the crowd’s adulation.

    • Ben F on

      The answer is simple , give them nothing to sing about , the delivery is hard as they will grind it out. England never come to Scotland to play rugby , only to win so do not expect a spectacle.

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