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Podcast: Series 4 Episode 3 – Hex Induction Hour


This week Cammy is joined by John and Rory to talk about everything except “that game”. Jim Telfer is back as our resident agony uncle and we out the traitors in our SuperBru fantasy league. There were some issues with this recording this week so there are two versions of the podcast available.

The first version is the full episode and the  second version is the part of the podcast where we got the sound sorted out. Unfortunately this coincided with the part of the podcast where we discussed “that game”. We have found a fix for the sound issues so things will be better next week when we’ll be looking back at the France game.

WARNING: Contains some mild swearing – We are planning on going back to bleeping out swearing from next week’s podcast.

Full Episode

Partial episode with improved sound quality and chat about the Wales game

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“Where’s Dougie Donnelly?” – It’s now mandatory to have a rumours section in a rugby podcast (apparently) so we’re looking for yours as well as news of any Scottish sporting media personalities you’ve spotted out and about. Have you seen Dougie Vipond down Tesco? Has your uncle’s brother’s aunt’s friend heard from someone down the pub that Jonny Gray is getting a new fence put in? Has your plumber been doing some work round Murrayfield and seen Richard Cockerill taking delivery of a new yoga mat? If so then let us know.

“Fantasy League” – Traitors who don’t pick Scotland players in their team and go on to make the top 10 in the league will be outed on the podcast.

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14 Responses

  1. Cammy i think you are intentionally trolling with the podcast, first the random beeps and now is this one sounds like your eating the mic.

  2. Love this podcast guys, but please can you sort out the sound? Makes it really difficult to listen too.

  3. I’ve no issue with swearing. It has it’s place and people should be mature enough to handle it. I’d like to think there was rather a lot of swearing in the team review of Saturday’s game, for example…

  4. Sort the sound out guys, the distortion on I think Cammy’s mic made it almost unlistenable. Glad I had it on speaker and not battering my ears through headphones.

  5. Aye apologies for the sound. After being too quiet last week I maybe overcompensated for it this week. I’ve done a dry run of a new way of recording this morning that will mean sound issues should be a thing of the past from next week. Hopefully improved sound quality means improved Scotland performance.

    1. Cammy, any chance you could repeat on here the email and other contact addresses you give out at the start of each podcast? I never have a pen handy when you reel them out.

      Good stuff today. The only thing that’s made me smile in the wake of last week’s calamity was the mournful background music when you guys were reviewing the Wales match.

  6. I terms of the ratings system. I like the system where you start at 5 points and you can add or take away from there depending on the performance. Zeros everywhere against England and either pass marks, zeros or better than your replacement cause you were a sub was far too simplistic. Just think about it a bit more and if someone has a poor game give them a three or something. Some really poor big game changing moments then slip to a two. A bit more explanation would be helpful.

    Wales have just came up short today. Think they left a try out there. England managed to cope where Scotland couldn’t with Wales kicking and keeping it in play. I doubt had Halfpenny been on Wales would have lost that early try. He would have covered it. We’ll just need to keep our good home form running. Scotland really haven’t had a good go at England at home since we became the attacking threat we are on our game. It was a very tight wet day when we last played England at home if I remember. Looking forward to tomorrow now with some nerves it has to be said…

  7. Ratings of 0-10 are fine, but realistically zero should mean they made no positive contributions to the game at all – the ratings in the Wales game really didn’t reflect that. I have no problem with 5 being the starting score, but even with that system I don’t believe zero’s should be handed out very often, and probably never more than 1 or 2 per game at worst. I don’t think people would have had an issue with a few Scotland players getting 2’s and even 1’s last week – but 0 is just so overwhelmingly negative that it should be kept for the worst of the worst – red card in the first minute or something like that!

    1. Agreed. Any comment on the match tomorrow? It’s very quiet for the match understandably so.

  8. Na the more we talk and big ourselfs up the more likely we will lose from what i have noticed in the past

  9. It’s looking like home advantage might be very important this year. Ireland’s win against France might turn out to be very useful. I don’t think england look unbeatable outside of Twickenham. Hopefully Scotland will look like a different team at Murrayfield tomorrow and setup a very interesting rest of the tournament. Don’t think we will see heads go down like last week when we are at home, but who knows how this French team will travel….

  10. Love the Podcast. It’s the best out there… Disappointed with the swearing though to be honest. I used to listen to it with the kid who enjoys it too… Can’t really do that now.

    1. Hi. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve decided to end our sweary experiment and normal service will be resumed from next week’s pod.
      No pod this week as I’ve been ill but there’ll be two pods next week.
      Nice to hear you’ve been listening as a family. Hopefully you can get back to listening together now.

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