Podcast: Series 4 Episode 5 – Cursed Monkey Hand

In our second podcast of the week Cammy, Iain and Brodie preview the Calcutta Cup, look back at Edinburgh and Glasgow’s recent games and read out some romantic rugby fiction. We also have an exclusive interview with England coach Eddie Jones and look at how badly we’re  all doing in the SuperBru fantasy league.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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12 comments on “Podcast: Series 4 Episode 5 – Cursed Monkey Hand

  1. Neil on

    Better pod, good job.
    Have yous ever considered having more than 3 people on the pod at a time ? it would be good to hear all 5-6 of yous at once on occasion

    • Cammy Black on

      We started out with four but I discovered that three is the magic number. If we have anymore than three on Skype call it affects the call quality and also anymore than three people and I found everyone was less natural in the way they talked as there was less back and forth. Maybe we’ll do a live show in a pub for our 10th anniversary or something and we’ll all be there

  2. Craig Taylor on

    I’m a recent adopter of the podcast. Was the Eddie Jones skit full of injokes? It sounded like Leigh Francis doing Craig David, and it was lost on me.

    The rugby chat was good though.

    The phrase “Toonie Tombola” is my Hands in the Ruck. I don’t get it. It’s like something someone’s overheard in a pub and says to make it seem like they know about rugby ala The IT Crowd. “Did you see that ludicrous display last night? What was Wenger thinking? The trouble with Arsenal is they always try and walk it in.”

    I disagree vehemently with dropping Barclay or Russell, I think Townsend taking off Barclay and Russell will be enough to give them a kick up the arse, and agree with whoever said (sorry I haven’t learned everyone’s names) that if they do not perform against England them drop them.

    Also agree that Scotland need to play the best game of rugby they have ever played and get the rub of the green to be in with a chance of winning.

    I have a fantasy and am still holding out hope that we lost the Wales game on purpose and Toonie has been playing 3D mind game chess and we will see an extremely different gameplan v England. I know. But Scottish hope is delusional, if not borderline insanity.

    • Cammy Black on

      Hi Craig. Brodie compared Eddie Jones to Frank Sidebottom a while ago so I’d had an idea to do a skit based on that for a while. Appreciate it might have been a bit odd for a newcomer. Glad you’re enjoying the pods. I’m the constant and we rotate other guys depending on who’s free or who did match report etc. so might be few names to learn but hopefully you’ll pick them up as we go.
      I’ll add Toony Tombola to the list for next week!

      • Craig Taylor on

        Hey Cammy. That makes some sense (or does it?) with context. It was a bit Monty Python’s Flying Scottish Rugby Podcast but fair enough.
        Check me out contributing to the show already!

  3. Ginger McGhee on

    Can we have more Jim Telfer Agony Aunt. He was long overdue a send up and a few more of them would be just excellent.

      • Ginger McGhee on

        Oh Cammy that should be an easy one to resolve. I want to know why we have no red heads in the Scotland side.

        Dear Jim at least 30% of the scottish fans are ginger and we have no iconic role model in the side. Are we discriminating against short fused ginger nuts. I know that you Jim T could fix it and fix it $^$%&%£”fast!

      • Grumpy on

        Cammy one for Jim: Dear Jim T , I am concerned what is happening to our lads. I am reading press interviews by Ryan Wilson in that freebie the Metro and Gordon Reid in one of those fancy English city newspapers. Hogg with his social media. Next they will be joining Max Evans on Dancing on Ice. These lads are contaminating their minds, the evil Eddie has sent these journalists to poison their minds and distract them. Look what that Gillette advert did for George North. All that social media distraction is a far cry from pumping iron in the Melrose changing rooms . Jim , how would you deal with this modern contamination , the contamination of ‘Celebrity’ which is entering the game?

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