Podcast: Series 3 Episode 2 – Best Scotch

This week on the podcast Cammy is joined by Rory and Rugby World’s Alan Dymock to look back over Scotland’s performance against the All Blacks. The guys also look at Finn Russell’s big money move and Alan gives us an insight into what it’ll be like in Japan at the World Cup in 2019.

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11 comments on “Podcast: Series 3 Episode 2 – Best Scotch

  1. Bjorn on

    Been hearing rumours that Leinsters Joey Carbery could be coming to scotland at the end of the season on a 1 year deal, unsure if that will be at Glasgow or Edinburgh though. keep an eye out for that in the following days or after the last game for Ireland i guess.

    Glasgow are in talks to sign Trevor Nyake ? on a short term loan deal i guess also till end of season from SA.

    • JP07 on

      Really can’t see this. Ulster need a ten. IRFUwouls send him there. Why would he leave Ireland when he is establishing himself in the test squad

    • Andrew McGavin on

      Agreed, JPO7. Seems highly unlikely, especially after what happened with Zebo re Ireland selection. Makes no sense at all, especially on a 1-year deal.

  2. George on

    there is an issue with the podcast, there keeps repeatedly being 6 noises almost like mic touches throughout the pod. its not a background noise either but pretty loud in comparison to your lovely voices.

  3. Andrew McGavin on

    You all raise an interesting debate about a ‘backlash’ factor and whether it exists or not. You seem to suggest it doesn’t, or at least play it down.

    Most of us think that playing for our country, and being full-time professionals, should always be enough in itself to get players fully focused and motivated. But if so, why do current players, ex-players and coaches constantly make reference to some factor that provides extra motivation. E.g. ‘the team talk’s sorted after x made that patronising comment about us’ or ‘I think Doddie coming onto the field really lifted the boy’s performance’ or ‘nobody would have beaten Munster after what happened with Axel’.

    Admittedly, most of these aren’t necessarily ‘backlash’ and most players play down any talk of it in the sense of ‘revenge’. Somehow, revenge is too complicated and dark a motivation; it suggests an enmity that doesn’t feel appropriate in a sporting context, so probably not that helpful to the players.

    But Aussies feeling a sense of grievance from their previous match and channeling that frustration/anger into focus for their next match? Sure, I think so. Doesn’t mean that it will win them the game. It could even work against them; their heads could drop if they get another call or two that deflates them.

    Painful as it is to remember Twickenham earlier this year, several pundits predicted the English ‘backlash’ against Scotland after the weird but wonderful England-Italy game (“I’m not a coach” – brilliant!) when England were roundly criticised. We all know what happened after that, even though I’m sure there were other factors involved in Scotland’s humbling/humiliation.

    So is it a ‘thing’? I think it is a thing among many other things. Thoughts?

    • Pio on

      Backlash and additional motivating factors are definitely a tangible ‘thing’ in my opinion. You mention Munster/Axel, and their performance against Glasgow with 14 men verged on superhuman. There was intensity of play and mileage clocked up by their players that day that defied belief, and that carried on through most of the season, but really had a big impact at the end of the season where they ran out of steam completely and got destroyed by the Scarletts as the efforts took their toll. This season they have also been comparatively lacklustre also.

      So, yes absolutely, players can find a way to push their performance to otherwise unachievable and unsustainable levels if there is additional motivation to do so. Look at the difference in intensity from Scotland in the last game compared to the Samoa game.

  4. Stuart on

    Not sure if this is where you want hands in the ruck comments but here’s mine. Punters in the row behind me at murrayfield who decide to “coach” the boys as play goes on all through the f#@king game. From row z of the top tier. They can’t hear you you [email protected]!
    Invariably our boys do the opposite of what they are “coached” and score a try. By all means cheer (God knows I do) but otherwise gonnae shut up.
    You’ll probably not use this properly non-constructive suggestion but I feel better anyway for just having written it down ?
    Keep up the good work lads!

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