Month: January 2012

Rumours, Rumblings And Some Rare Robinson Speculation

You’ve heard of yin and yang, right? The Taoist notions that polar opposites give rise to one another through their mere existence, in the natural world at least? Well I never thought I’d accuse Andy Robinson of being a Taoist, but in yesterday’s squad announcement he displayed his need for yin and yang; the light and the dark; the positive and the negative; the real and the fictional. In effect he has given with one hand and taken away with the other.

Filling Out The Corners

Tomorrow Andy Robinson will announce his extended training squad for this year’s Six Nations (starting a month from now with a match against England), and as Alan pointed out in his earlier piece there are very few players guaranteed a spot in the starting team, so picking a captain will be hard.

What about the fringe players making a claim for a spot – who might get the call up?

Clamouring For Change

Be careful what you wish for: you might just get it…

The thing rugby fans most often herald as the reason they value rugby over any other team sport is the diversity inherent to the game. It draws on many different types of people to play it, but it also appeals to a wide variety of fans. The game is watched over by different types of official, they are in turn watched over by other officials with varying roles and responsibilities and there is an inherent respect for all involved.

Glasgow Warriors 17 – 12 Edinburgh Rugby

The deciding 1872 Cup game. The atmosphere was charged, even if some heads were sore. It was dark, but the fans expected more fire. Of course those expectations were founded on the belief that Glasgow had named a team as strong as they could whilst Edinburgh, with one eye on future fixtures in the Heineken Cup and the next RaboDirect game against an Ulster team that hammered Munster a few days ago, had set out to play their second string from the start. What happened in this game, though, was something short of incendiary.

Happy New Year

Wishing all of our readers a Happy New Year from the team here at Scottish Rugby Blog. Here’s to a great year for Scottish Rugby, which kicks off very soon with the resumption of European action and our pro-teams poised nicely, and we’ve got the Six Nations following swiftly thereafter.

We hope you will come along for the rollercoaster ride that is being a Scotland fan!

Rory, Alan and Al