Month: December 2011

The Hangover: 1872 Part II

Glasgow are trying to cultivate a party atmosphere ahead of the deciding 1872 Cup fixture. On New Year’s Day there will be a George Square party, situated at the Winter Cafe Bar, and good vibes will be pumped out through player appearances (before 4pm), tunes and a wee swally.

Glasgow are trying to imbue positivity. Drink and dancing are just added extras.

The 1872 Stalemate

You’ll have gotten up today and sat down at your breakfast table, poured some juice, spread over some slightly charred toast and opened your paper. Looked at the sports section. You’ll see that Edinburgh drew with Glasgow at home 23-23. You’ll see that the attendance was 13,240. You’ll smile and, like Scott Johnson, you’ll think, “Wow! Scottish rugby looks like it’s going well.”

For several reasons you would be right.

Rugby Fan honoured at Military Awards


If you were watching your twitter feed a few nights back, you might have seen a few of your favourite rugby stars praising someone called Scott Meenagh, who was being honoured at The Sun Military Awards and who had visited the Scotland squad earlier in the year. Scottish Rugby has now added its congratulations to a rugby fanatic who faced adversity with great courage.

So here’s a little bit more about Scott Meenagh.

Teams Line Up for 1872 Cup

Blair vs Cusiter


If you want to know what Glasgow’s current top team looks like, it’s a good bet that the team they choose for the back-to-back legs of the 1872 Cup against Edinburgh will be it. Edinburgh, too, will throw everything at these two matches – they are the closest you get to an International trial these days. Andy Robinson will be watching.

So, what hard facts can we learn from the selections announced yesterday?

Reaching Critical Massimo

On Monday afternoon the peace will be broken and two packs will crumple into each other. At the crush of the scrummage both Edinburgh and Glasgow will be fighting to gain as many inches of ground as possible. One man will be delighted whatever the outcome is. With a burst of glee Scotland’s scrum coach Massimo Cuttita tells me “there will be fireworks alright!”

I Was Monty’s Double

Glasgow announced earlier in the week that Sean Lamont is to join his brother Rory at the Warriors from next season, following a successful spell at Welsh region the Scarlets where he has played not only wing, but also centre and fullback. Indeed this year’s Six Nations went on to see Sean collect unexpected international honours in the centre, filling in for Graeme Morrison during the Six Nations where he proved an effective battering ram.

Blood And Thunder May Distract From Points

1872 Cup clash - Image courtesy Edinburgh Rugby / PA Images

There will be not billboard featuring Dougie Hall in black and blue, arms unfurled, above the immortal line “Welcome To Glasgow!”. There will be no pigs heads thrown onto the pitch. There will be no flares. There will be no drive-bys. What this coastal rivalry shall have, though, is keenly contested rugby.

On Boxing Day we will see the first game in the 1872 Cup.