Month: October 2011

Watched From a Western Perspective: Edinburgh 28 – 36 Leinster

On Friday night at Murrayfield the capital side swapped the lead with Leinster seven times. In a free and easy game where tackling was not at a premium it was the hand-over that was evident. You attack; then we’ll attack. You get a head start; then we will cover, and recover. They lost by 8 points, 28-36.

RaboDirect PRO12 Restarts

If you’re a little depressed by the fact that discussion of the World Cup Final – which should really be the pinnacle of our game – has degenerated into tit for tat claims about foul play and the IRB stepping in to fine one group of men for holding hands while watching another group of men dancing, then I offer you the ultimate antidote to depression. Um, Scottish professional rugby.

Out On His Jones

Lee Jones at the Malmaison

No matter how your season is going it is nice to be recognised for your achievements, Even if you didn’t know you were being watched. Humble Borderer Lee Jones, upon hearing of his award of Hotel Du Vin/Malmaison Player of the Month, simply afforded himself a sheepish smile.

“I’m pretty pleased. I didn’t know they were running the award, to be fair, so when it came up in our team meeting I was genuinely shocked!

Contracting But Not Shrivelling

If you are on social networking sites your timeline will currently be clogged. In fact plugged or dammed are probably more fitting descriptions. Everyone is bleating about the weather. Somehow it has come to everyone’s attention that we are entering Scotland’s lengthy rainy season and we are ready to whinge about it as much as possible.

It seems, though, that those at EH12 have been saving for these rainy days. We’ve been alerted to something else via the social sites. It appears that now the World Cup is over we have entered Contract Renegotiation Season.

Winter Is Coming

And with that, we’ve decided to take a look at the future of the Scottish Rugby Blog, and how we can use it to help grow interest and awareness of Scottish Rugby, to keep you entertained and all the other things we attempt on a regular basis.

We’ve called in the banners (sorry, reading Game of Thrones at the moment), and the full team are meeting up next weekend to have a bit of a chat before the Edinburgh vs Leinster game.

So if you have any suggestions for ways we could improve this site, what you’d like more of/less of, your thoughts on advertising/sponsorship or even just how you view the site (mobile/RSS/browser/syndicated pages), please feel free to comment below. Or if you’d like to share your thoughts privately feel free to email with your comments or ideas.

Feedback is important to us and we are thankful for your continuing support and readership. We’ll probably post again afterwards with some of our ideas to see if anyone likes them.

As for your thoughts on how to improve Scottish rugby itself, we are always glad to see those in the comments on our posts, so keep them coming too. Don’t forget we’ve got a massive back archive of ramblings that might be of interest!

Brian Moore’s Thoughts on the Scrum

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Whilst trawling the web last week I found this piece which I thought might be of interest, in which Brian Moore proposes a series of ideas to have scrums refereed properly.
(note: contains much technical scrummaging chat)

It’s well worth a read, and we would of course be interested in what any of you thought about how the scrum could be improved/fixed/left as it is… comments below as usual.

Cup In The Air, Feet On The Ground

Humility is an attribute that is getting rarer in contemporary professional sport. With football players refusing to play so they can get big money transfers and NFL MVPs obligated to say they are “going to Disneyland!” you are unlikely to see the best of the best refusing to celebrate or a last-gasp loser showing magnanimity.  

Who To Pick for the Semis

It’s not the RaboDirect PRO12 on a week where BBC Alba has deserted you, or even the LV Cup (although that is on this weekend). Nope, no matter how hard you look, there is no Scottish involvement in the Rugby World Cup Semi-finals this weekend. Not even a touch judge to root for. So who are you going for? Here’s a little help.

The Ramblings Of One Man

A few months back, before this whole sordid World Cup thing started, I was at the Scotland team hotel to do some interviews alongside the rugby writers corps. After all of the official stuff, I tried to get as much free coffee as I could, being a student who cannot afford a Starbucks or a packet of Custard Creams myself.

Over the decanter I found myself talking to Kevin Ferrie of the Herald and Steve Scott of the Courier about the future of Sports Journalism and the nature of reporting rugby.