Month: December 2010

Teams / Glasgow Postponed / Competition

Glasgow Warriors: B Stortoni, H O’Hare, M Evans, G Morrison, DTH van der Merwe, R Jackson, C Gregor, J Welsh, F Thomson, M Low, R Gray, A Kellock (capt), R Harley, J Barclay, R Vernon.
Replacements: P McArthur, R Grant, K Tkachuk, A Muldowney, C Fusaro, H Pyrgos, P Murchie, F Aramburu.

Note due to sitting on a plane tweeting all day yesterday in bad weather, Glasgow’s game has moved back to 2pm GMT tomorrow (Sunday).

Edinburgh : C Paterson, L Jones, B Cairns, J Houston, T Visser, D Blair, G Laidlaw, A Jacobsen, R Ford, G Cross, S Turnbull, C Hamilton, S Newlands, S McInally, R Grant (captain)
Replacements: A Kelly, K Traynor, D Young, E Lozada, A MacDonald, N De Luca, J Thompson, S Webster.

Sunday, Murrayfield, 2pm GMT. Good to see Nick De Luca back!

Don’t forget to check out our competition in the post below this one to win a copy of the IRB Yearbook for 2011 – thanks to everyone who has posted so far!

UPDATE: Edinburgh will go ahead at 2pm today (Monday) at Murrayfield behind closed doors, in another rather ludicrous example of Health and Safety gone mad. Apparently there will be a radio commentary available online via BBC Scotland, keep an eye on this page. Glasgow will go ahead tomorrow (Tuesday) at  6pm GMT in Toulouse if the Warriors kit shows up in time. Hopefully they can get back hope in time for Christmas, along with the 20 hardy souls who have travelled in support. Sale vs Brive has also been moved to Netherdale in Galashiels tonight at 5pm, so there is plenty on – if only we could see it!

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Edinburgh A Bit Rubbish, Really

I am not just talking about the cold and snowy weather that has kept my southern colleague Al “working from home” a lot recently. I refer, of course, to the crappy game against Ospreys at the weekend where through a combination of their own inability to hold on to the ball and, um, welsh people, they came away with a result that is fairly unflattering.

So I am not going to dwell on it, save to say that if you want to see the undeniable foul play that put Mossy off the park before half time, check this video out, while it lasts. It seems that a kiwi 7 getting away with murder is not the sole preserve of the All Blacks. Ross Rennie and Tim Visser were the usual bright sparks (Visser got a try again), with no-one else really covering themselves in any sort of glory, however mildly haggis flavoured.

I would also raise the point, that if all the Aviva Premiership games were off (as they mostly were) and Leinster managed to get over from Dublin to play the Scarlets (they had to suffer home ref Nigel Owens instructing the Scarlets props in Welsh), could steps really not have been taken to secure a neutral Irish or English ref (or two), possibly one with the ability to see? By the time James Jones realised he was supposed to be neutral in this fixture, Edinburgh had a player replaced and were 20 points down. Bring back George Clancy, all is forgiven.

Actually, maybe not.

UPDATE: Marty Holah has indeed by cited for his trip: BBC Article.

Teams for the Weekend

That should probably read “team”, seeing as the Glasgow game vs Treviso is off despite a number of internationals offering to return to the fold and bolster the team. Of course the reason is not a lack of players, but the ice and snow which has hampered transport and playing conditions for rugby up and down the country. Some say it is the frozen tears of a million England football fans.