Edinburgh’s Poor Start Continues

Edinburgh continued their poor start to the season with a largely uninspiring home loss to Munster, only narrowly missing out on the victory through the boot of Chris Paterson. Had they claimed such a victory, Munster probably would have been hard done by, having controlled large swathes of territory and most of the possession with one of their standard “efficient but uninspiring” performances. Edinburgh looked almost as headless as they had last weekend, and it was telling that the only player with a bit of direction and willingness to keep the ball in hand was a Fijian! Alex Grove was probably hard done by in terms of the service from his stand-off but did show one spark in attack, probably Edinburgh’s only effort that got the crowd going.

In Newport, Glasgow were once again undone by their bogey team the Dragons. Quite often (especially at Firhill) Al Kellock and his men get under the opposition team’s skin and take rewards in the form of penalties when the discipline goes. In the absence of Kellock, Glasgow got a taste of their own medicine as Fusaro and Van Der Merwe both suffered rushes of blood after being wound up by Dragons men out of sight of the ref and his half-blind assistants. Glasgow did a bit better than Edinburgh in holding on to the ball, and some of their young guns (Richies Gray and Vernon in particular) are starting to show up well. Still, the centres in both teams are not getting enough decent ball to do anything with. To be fair to the Dragons though, they did play some pretty good counter-attacking rugby and were probably good for the win despite me cursing them all as liars, cheats and scumbags at one point or another in my frustration. I watched that one on S4C for the English language commentary, but good to know you can switch across to BBC Alba at half time for some punditry in English – until they find a Gaelic speaking rugby player, I suppose. Pros coming to the end of your career, there’s a gap in the market for you – get the Gaelic/English dictionary out…

In other news, Sean Lamont scored a last minute try to save the Scarlets from losing to Connacht, and Simon Taylor was taken off for Bath with a suspected groin strain/hamstring (source: Dr Andrew Cotter) which may hamper his start to the season but is not expected to be overly serious.

If you want to see how the league table looks after a couple of rounds, it looks like this. The Italian teams are not both at the bottom, which is nice. Edinburgh sit equal last, which is less pleasant.

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