SRU Making Sense In The Autumn

Well this is a bit of welcome news in my inbox. Opponents and ticket prices for the autumn internationals – our first under the new head coach whoever that may be – have been announced. The SRU are finally pitching at the right level, and while the teams may not be such big box office draws, I think they may prove far more useful to our team development in the long term. The Test opponents are Fiji (14th Nov), Australia (21st) and Argentina (28th), and we should have a decent (but not easy) chance to beat all three if we are on form (and the Aussies are not!) despite the sides sitting at 8th, 3rd and 5th in the IRB rankings respectively. Scotland currently sit in 10th, so we get points if we beat any of them. So far, so sensible, and not an All Black whipping in sight.

Furthermore, ticket prices for all three start from £10 for adults. There’s not even a price hike for the Aussie game, and if you buy a £20 or above seat you will also get a free ticket for the Edinburgh leg of the pro-team derby, in a repeat of last year’s deal. So there’s no reason for us all not to get along and try and get decent crowds for all three – at £30 the lot, that’s the same as a cheap Six Nations ticket.

Is the SRU finally helping Scottish Rugby fans to beat those credit crunch blues?