Walk 4 Matt Hampson

Nick of the similarly monikered but containing more leek-jokes Welsh Rugby Blog has been in touch, highlighting a great rugby charity event that I would urge you to support in any way you can.

This year the walk from the home of rugby (Rugby) to the home of cabbage (Twickenham) has been adopted as a way of raising money for the Matt Hampson trust, while also supporting some other great causes like Wooden Spoon and Cancer Research. Each Guinness Premiership club nominates a charity, so it’s basically about the rugby community joining together in a good cause.

You’ll find full details on the walk, some of the rugby greats who are joining Matt on the route and how you can help raise money on the page:


And here’s Nick’s page about it on his site. You can donate by Paypal, CC, text etc. We’ll be donating our ad revenue for the month (such as it is) to the cause, hopefully you can chip in something too.

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  1. Rugby Nick on

    Actually its sheep jokes that tends to get most of my Google traffic! ;-)

    Thanks a lot for this Rory… and thanks for reading everyone. Any small amount of money is greatly appreciated… and will just further prove what a great community spirit rugby has.

    Thanks for donating the advert money Rory… really appreciated.

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